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Condos For Sale Near Newton, MA

If you want to purchase a home that guarantees high-quality craftsmanship, reliability, and character, consider a new condo near Newton. Residents of Newton, MA that are looking to downsize to a new condo can come to Copperworks. Copperworks is near Newton, MA and has many gorgeous newly built condos for sale. Copperworks is a new, for sale, condo community near Newton, MA from Thorndike Development – a developer that has won multiple national awards. When you move to a new Thorndike condo for sale near Newton, MA, you can expect the best.

New Condos For Sales Near Newton, Ma
Built By Award Winning Developer

The new Copperworks Condos for sales near Newton, MA are being developed by Thorndike Development. Founded in 1983, Thorndike Development has a track record and reputation for quality homes and neighborhoods designed and built for New England’s discerning customer. Since inception, Thorndike has successfully built more than 2000 homes and has received more than forty national and regional awards for excellence.

In addition to the new condo community near Newton, MA, Thorndike Development has built many quality neighborhoods. We welcome prospective buyers to take a drive through some completed communities built by Thorndike Development.

Your Checklist For Your New Condos For Sale Near Newton, Ma

As you come across new condos for sale near Newton, use this list to find condominiums that offer what you’re searching for in a new home:

  • Look for the condominium that enables to you travel to work and all the places you love, so you can make the most of every day. Whether you drive or ride the train, our new Copperworks Condominiums for sale near Newton, MA is located near route 95 and the Canton MBTA.
  • Consider more than the price of the condominium in your evaluation. Think about the added amenities you’ll receive, too. At our new condos for sale near Newton, for instance, you’ll enjoy gourmet kitchens with stainless appliances, spa-like bathrooms, and well-maintained property features.
  • Dog friendliness. If you have a pet, look for pet-friendly condominiums. At Copperworks Condos for sale near Newton, we welcome pets on the property. You can step right outside your door and exercise your dog in the new park.

Things To Do When You Move To Our New Condos For Sale Near Newton, Ma

When you choose to move to our new condos for sale near Newton, MA you sign up for a lifestyle of convenience. Whether you prefer to stay local, or take the train to Boston, there is plenty to do near if you buy one of our new condos for sale near Newton, MA:

Here are a few things to do:

Why Move To A New Condo For Sale Near Newton, Ma

There are many reasons why homeowners opt to look for new condos for sale near Newton, MA rather than a resale. If you’re on the fence about whether to purchase a new condo for sale near Newton, MA or a resale, here are a few things that may sway your decision:

  • You can choose the floor plan, fixtures, and finishing touches you want. With a new condo near Newton, MA, you have control over many aspects of your home you otherwise wouldn’t. At Copperworks, you’ll partner with an interior designer to choose the details of your home, personalizing it according to your individual tastes. View our floor plans.
  • You get a fresh start. A new condo for sale near Newton, MA doesn’t come with the issues of a resale house. The appliances, floors, and materials are all brand new, and they come with warranties. Instead of taking a gamble on the integrity of an older home, invest in a new condo for sale near Newton, MA that you know for sure is safe bet.
  • Gorgeous architecture. Our new condos for sale near Newton, MA retains the traditional New England exterior style. Our designers recognize the importance of retaining the historical beauty near and dear to New England, and they focused on creating new condos near Newton, MA that match the classic architecture in the surrounding area. No need to worry that your home will lose some of a resale’s charm – with our homes, you get old-world charm and modern convenience wrapped up in one. We strive to blend past and present, people and place.
  • Superior craftsmanship. In the last few decades, standards in the construction industry have vastly improved. Today, builders must abide by standards for energy efficiency, craftsmanship, and quality. You never have to worry about dangerous practices or materials in the building of your home. You’ll own a safe, secure, and high-quality home when you purchase one of our new condos for sale near Newton, MA.
  • Modern conveniences. New homes have modern appliances that conserve energy, helping the planet and saving homeowners money. On top of energy efficiency perks, you’ll also benefit from the most cutting-edge technologies and building techniques. From top to bottom, a new condo for sale near Newton, MA is the way to go.


We offer a range of thoughtful layouts to accommodate your individual needs and lifestyle.

Reach Out To Our Copperworks Condos Sales Team Today

Buying one of our new condos for sale near Newton, MA versus a resale home is a tough decision that requires due diligence on your part. At Copperworks, we want to make the buying process as easy and enjoyable as possible. We hope this list of some of the perks of buying a newly built home has helped. If you have questions about our new constructions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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